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Rise Above

You are tough. You are resilient. You will rise above.

Register for our Rise Above Webinar Series beginning in July to listen to experts in human resources, finance, operations, and sales give their top advice for rising above your current circumstances.

Finance Strategic Development Session 


B2B CFO will meet with business owners and finance leadership to provide insight for managing and improving cash flow. B2B CFO will take the information gathered in the discovery meeting to analyze your business and develop a 2020 business economic model. Along with the business economic model, B2B CFO will also share a company-specific summary of items business owners should consider to maximize liquidity and plans for continued future success. This economic model can also validate where you think your company is projected to be. 

Investment: $1,500 / company (~ 15 hours for building the 2020 forecast model)

Timeline: A discovery meeting will take place in-person or virtually with B2B CFO staff, business owners, and financial leadership to identify and share financial data necessary to develop a customized business economic model. After analysis and development of the financial model, a follow up meeting in person will be held to review the results and recommended action plan.

Who Should Attend: Business Owners & Finance Leadership

Estimated Company Time: Discovery Meeting ~ 2 hours, Closing Meeting ~ 1 hour

Kurt began his career working with the “Big 4” public accounting firms providing audit and consulting services for clients in various industries. For the past 30 years he has served/owned businesses in each of the startup, growth, and reinvention phases in senior financial and operational roles.

Email to set up a one-on-one Discovery Meeting. 

Human Resources Strategic Development Session


Manufacturing leaders will have access to fresh insight and human resource expertise to develop a strategic workforce roadmap for 2020 and beyond. The workshop begins with a four-hour session focused on managing, developing, and retaining your talent. The afternoon features hands-on guidance in assessing the business and developing an HR strategic roadmap. You’ll leave with an assessment of your HR strategies, programs and practices and a plan for building the people-side of your business to meet future challenges and growth objectives head on. Questions will be answered. Ideas will be presented. Solutions will be shared. Plans will be developed and support will be ready. You can succeed in this ever-changing world with the right strategy.

Investment: $500 / company, allowing up to three attendees from the company 

A strategic development session may contain up to four companies. No direct competitors will be allowed in the same session. Private (single company) sessions are also available. Request a quote here. 

Estimated Company Time: One day, 8 hours 

Date: Wednesday, August 26, Sioux Falls

Steve Schad formed Optima Advisory, LLC to help businesses build the organizational capability they need to achieve planned growth and transformation objectives. Having worked across industries and sectors as an HR executive and consultant, he knows the missing ingredient is often strong human capital executive leadership. So, he set out to create a business model that provides “fractional” part-time or interim Chief HR Officer leaders for small to mid-sized companies that need new and better strategies to build executional capability, but which are not yet large or complex enough to justify having a full-time, seasoned, executive-level person in the top HR role.

Neil Moses-Zirkes is a fractional HR executive and advisor with Optima Advisory. He collaborates with small business leaders to maximize talent potential and optimize growth.  Neil has worked as an HR executive in a variety of large corporate and private equity firms over his career. Recent engagements include serving as interim Head of HR for a telecommunications company; redesign of talent pipeline for a private equity firm; recruitment and restructure of sales organization for a small manufacturer; and organizational design, and selection and implementation of a new HRIS for a family-owned precision coating firm.

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Sales Strategic Development Session 

Is your sales strategy ready to take your manufacturing business to the next level? Are your sales messages converting your prospects into customers? If your sales strategy needs improvement, sign up for our Sales Development Session on September 16-17th in Sioux Falls with Sales Experts Dean Ash and Karl Berger. 

Over an intense day and a half, you and your leadership team will go through a guided, proven process to refine your sales strategy, messaging, and process to achieve breakthrough growth.  Manufacturers will find solutions to bridge the gaps in their sales processes and develop a Sales Playbook (a roadmap to sales success) to equip their organization with a reliable, repeatable, and scalable sales approach. A consistent approach leads to consistent results that help you build your business for the future.

Don’t miss the chance to surround yourself with these top sales executives.  Learn, grow, and lead your company to dramatically improved sales.  

 Investment: $2,500 / company, allowing up to four attendees from the company to participate. 

The strategic sales session may contain up to four companies. Companies will be asked to sign a NDA. 

Who Should Attend: Owners and Sales leadership 

Estimated Company Time: 12 hours, or 1.5 days

Date: September 16-17, 2020

Space is limited and spots are going fast, so sign up now! Sign up

Sales Experts

Dean Ash - Founder, Certified Integrity Coach

With more than 20 years of sales leadership experience, Dean enables clients to grow sales revenue, improve profitability and implement comprehensive sales strategies. As a leader, communicator and collaborator, Dean is a proven executive, skilled in building and leading organizations to achieve results. Dean’s pioneering spirit builds and equips organizations to deliver high performance.

Before co-founding 360 Consulting, Dean spent two decades building, rebuilding and leading sales organizations in the high-technology industry. He’s worked with such companies as Hewlett Packard, Polycom, Cisco, Amdahl, and IBM, always with the focus on unlocking potential and delivering results.

As an entrepreneur, Dean has invested time and capital in start-ups, as well as early-stage companies focused on growth in industries such as software, IT services, analytics, healthcare, energy, technology, manufacturing, and real estate.

Dean is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.Karl provides customized sales analysis and management solutions for entrepreneurial, small and midsize companies. For more than 20 years, he has transformed companies by leveraging his process and skill set with each company’s strengths.

Karl Berger - Partner, Certified Integrity Coach 

Having been a president and P&L owner, Karl understands the challenges companies face and the rewards of creating wealth. Karl tripled a DFW-based services company while maintaining above-average EBITDA, successfully selling the business to a mid-tier Private Equity firm.

He has also held diverse sales leadership positions. He successfully delivered complex solutions with revenue from $2 million to $1.7 billion. He has led teams of up to 70 people, focusing on local and global markets and he has been a part of M&A activity and pre-deal analysis of sales team potential.

Karl has been a business owner and understands what it takes to deliver customer service and revenue growth. He looks forward to working with like-minded businesses to help them achieve their goals.



Now more than ever companies are realizing the importance of working efficiently to reduce their operational costs. There is no more time waste on broken systems and MTS is ready to help companies looking to improve. If you are confused or overwhelmed about where to begin on your continuous improvement journey, want help gaining a competitive edge obtaining your ISO 9001 certification or need help automating your processes, reach out to us to set up a meeting. 

Investment: Project-based 

MTS Business Advisors have an average of 27 years manufacturing experience and are strategically located throughout the state  to cover all of South Dakota.  MTS is also affiliated with a nationwide network consisting of 60 centers across the United States with over 1,200 consultants to make sure the solution provided is the best solution.

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