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Tessier's Success Story

Friday, August 31, 2018

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Tessier's Success Story


At 156 employees strong, Tessier’s Inc. provides clients exceptional service to all their heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs. Located in Mitchell, SD with branches in Sioux Fall and Rapid City SD, Tessier’s is proud to offer services in industrial mechanical contracting, sustainable HVAC building design, sheet metal fabrication, and specialty welding.


What sets Tessier’s apart from others is what they coin the “Tessier’s Difference,” or their proactive approach to identifying a problem before it becomes a reality. By applying the Tessier’s Difference throughout all their departments, they realized it was time to take a second look at their processes in place.  


Knowing the power of what a second pair of eyes can do, Tessier’s called upon their local MEP, South Dakota Manufacturing & Technology Solutions, to help evaluate what steps needed to be taken to reduce costs and non-value added activities.

SDMTS quickly analyzed the needs of Tessier’s and decided the best route was to train employees on the principles of Lean Manufacturing and dive into process mapping.  Over the course of a few months, they worked together to eliminate overproduction and inventory. By adjusting their processes, Tessier’s was able to reduce their inventory by 25 percent. In turn, their profits increased and their operations became more efficient. The adjustments they made to their processes helped reduce inventory, space and waste.  It’s safe to say with new processes in place Tessier’s will continue to be a leader in the HVAC industry.


  • Reduced inventory by 25%.
  • Completed a 5S project that reduced Tessier’s write off to less than 3%.
  • Decided to build new products in-house, saving 25% in cost savings. 

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