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Masaba Success Story

Monday, November 5, 2018

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Masaba Success Story

“MTS has done a wonderful job helping Masaba create their current and future state Value Stream Mapping to identify opportunities for improving our growth, quality and efficiency.”  Jim Peterson, President.


Masaba designs and builds rugged equipment for the world.  “Built Masaba tough” is the standard of quality the manufacturer of bulk material handling solutions in Vermillion, South Dakota work by.  The third generation, family-owned business designs, builds, and sells durable equipment strong enough to withstand the harshest climates. Their engineering expertise and top-notch employees pride themselves on their determination to build the most reliable, standardized, customizable and heavy-duty equipment for their customers around the world.


Always looking to improve their efficiencies, Masaba decided to tackle their lean processes and focus on removing constraints. Their leadership team decided to seek out help from South Dakota Manufacturing & Technology Solutions because of their expertise and experience in the Lean world. They knew MTS had a reputation for providing excellent lean services at an affordable price.


Keith Deibert, a business advisor at South Dakota Manufacturing & Technology Solutions, performed a benchmark assessment with the company and followed with value stream mapping. The projects opened the management team’s eyes to opportunities for continuous improvement and enabled them to identify and eliminate constraints in their processes. At the end of the project, Masaba was able to reduce some of their machine part times from two hours to twenty minutes.  Overall working with MTS has improved not only Masaba’s key indicators, but also their throughput, quality and profits.


  • Increased revenue 14%
  • Added 23 jobs
  • Identified and realized cost savings in excess $250,000

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Check out Masaba's video testimony!


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