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Legend Air Suspensions Taking a Ride on their Lean Implementation

Thursday, August 30, 2018


Legend Air Suspensions, founded in 1998, manufactures aftermarket suspension systems for the motorcycle and ATV/UTV market spaces. Legend has impacted this space through specific design and development of high end shock systems using only the highest component materials and engineered process for manufacturing. This attention to detail has ended with the perfect ride for their customers both on the machine and in the customer service from Legend. Legends employees build these products in the USA and take great pride in their factory and the out coming product for their customers...The company employs 10 people at its facility in Sturgis, SD home of the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally .


Passion sports always fall prey to soft economies. As the economy softened over the past several years Legend has to make a move to survive. Legends COE Jesse Jurrens choose Manufacturing Technology Solutions(MTS) as the group to transform their organization to be able to weather the slowed economies.


MTS helped Legend understand the foundational concepts of Lean manufacturing by presenting several Lean 101 overviews for company employees which included live simulation. With the assistance of MTS, Legend implemented several Lean tools as well as made several Shop floor arrangements to improve Operations:

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) provided a base Current State Map and led to the identification of several opportunities to reduce costs including a simplified inventory system that saved the cost of a computerized inventory management system. The future state was completed and is quickly taking shape as resources work the further implementation of the advanced lean tools.

5S was first (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) training included all team members and resulted in 5S being implemented throughout the shop. 

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) focused on the Machining area where down time was an issue with some older equipment pieces. Daily maintenance schedules were developed for each piece of equipment and an OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) data collection system is being set up so it can be reported daily

Standard work was implemented starting with monitoring and communicating OTD, Cost and Quality. The Kan Ban systems identified in the VSM process have combined with the 5S and provide standard locations and material flows in the shop. This has made material unknown shortages a thing of the past. Visibility has let the shop continue to standardize and find those opportunities for improvement. 

As a result of MTS's assistance, the company increased overall production, lowered inventory costs, improved communication, and increased employee involvement. 

Legend's CEO Jesse Jurrens said, "The Lean Management System training MTS provided has helped improve communication and scheduling. The original Lean 101 training has been a cornerstone of our employee involvement and continues to provide a daily approach to continuous Improvement. This improvement in operations has allowed us to double our output with the same staffing levels. 

"MTS has been instrumental in helping develop core manufacturing approaches that have significantly impacted our ability to increase our overall production while lowering our costs. I appreciate the way the MTS instructors have been able to adapt their instruction to our work environment and industry. We are not only realizing the cost benefits but Our Culture is adapting and changing for the positive as we continue on our lean journey."

~Jesse Jurrens, CEO

  • Retained sales of $2,500,000
  • Realized $350,000 in cost savings
  • Created 2 jobs
  • Retained 8 jobs

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