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Electronic Systems Inc. Success Story

Sunday, September 2, 2018
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Headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD, Electronic Systems, Inc. (ESI) provides a full range of electronic manufacturing services (EMS) to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the industrial, commercial, medical, energy and HVAC markets.  From printed circuit board assembly to full system integration, ESI stands as the manufacturing floor for helping customers improve their product quality and cost using lean principles and the latest technology.

 Beginning in 1980 with just a handful of employees, ESI now operates in three facilities totaling over 70,000 square feet with around 250 team members.  Having installed their 4th SMT line in March of 2018, it is clear that ESI continues to invest in automation to drive growth.  Adding automation leverages the current workforce and helps the company to sustain and grow while enhancing their capabilities and services.


Always looking for ways to enhance their services and responsiveness, ESI wanted to explore the capabilities of their pull system.  Using a cross-functional team to review the manufacturing processes for a single product, ESI was able to identify several areas for improvement in the process.  The resulting procedure reduced cycle time for the product by nearly 50% and increase quality as measured by FPY by 15%.  The components of the process are also now available to be applied to other comparable product lines providing similar outcomes.


The company decided to engage with South Dakota Manufacturing &Technology Solutions to gain fresh perspective and insight on what applications they could use to improve their current pull system. A business advisor from South Dakota Manufacturing & Technology Solutions, an MEP affiliate, worked with team members at ESI to review their pull system and look for new ways reduce lead-time and improve efficiency. SDMTS was there for ongoing lean coaching, planning and implementation of the revised pull system.

Over the years, ESI has continued to work with SDMTS to provide employees with Lean certification and has used their expertise for various projects.  “The knowledge and training that SDMTS offers has truly helped ESI to secure a Lean culture,” Fred Ledwell, Director of Manufacturing says, “which has had a great impact on the company’s growth and ability to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.” 

ESI’s commitment to customer service and lean culture continues to shine bright. For the third year in a row, ESI has won Circuits Assembly Service Excellence Awards for Highest Customer Ratings of EMS companies in their revenue division.  It’s clear to see their dedication to quality, timeliness and dependability in the work that they do.



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