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Reliability Guaranteed for 20 Years – A Sioux Company Tradition

Monday, March 26, 2018

"MTS played a key role in success of Sioux Corporation obtaining ISO registration in an organized, practical, systematic manner that went extremely smoothly.  We look forward to making continual improvements as a result of using this system and improving our brand as a result."  

- Jack Finger, CEO


Since 1939, Sioux Corporation has been designing and manufacturing application-specific industrial-quality cleaning equipment, water heating and cooling systems, solution heaters and steam generators. Sioux Corporation has a proud tradition of design innovation and quality manufacturing including a 20 year guarantee. Their products ship around the globe and perform daily in some of the harshest environments in the world. The 48-person company is located in Beresford, South Dakota.


What does a company that has a 75 year tradition of quality and a 20-year reliability guarantee do to drive to the next level of quality management? Enter ISO 9001:2008. It starts with a strategic plan that moves beyond planning to implementation. The Sioux Corporation strategic plan consists of multi-year initiatives plus the drive to execute those initiatives. South Dakota Manufacturing & Technology Solutions (MTS), a NIST MEP affiliate, assisted the Senior Management Team with a multi-year strategic plan. One of those initiatives was to obtain ISO registration.


MTS partnered with Merle Pochop (a local ISO implementation consultant) and Sioux Corporation to develop the quality management system, train staff and obtain ISO 9001:2008 Registration. They identified a multi-step (eight module) implementation approach that drove urgency but balanced Sioux Corporation's needs to manage ongoing day to day business to support its global customer base. Working with the management team and an internal company auditor, they implemented internal improvements and processes. If a problem arises, the company now logs the issue, meets with the correct parties, determines the root cause and resolves the problem. The procedures created add discipline and assist in training new employees. A customer-concerns log ensures Sioux Corporation solves the problems identified by our customers. The quality system is a clear, practical, organized system that is highly beneficial to Sioux Corporation and resulted in successful ISO registration.

  • Set the stage for future business growth of 20%
  • Increased exports worldwide 

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