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Company on Fire with Leadership Development Classes

Monday, March 31, 2014

Harold and Helen Boer began a modest welding and vehicle refurbishment business in the mid-70s. As chief of the Lyons, South Dakota Fire Department, Harold was called upon to equip the station and built his first fire truck. Soon after, he formed Central States Fire Apparatus and in less than five years the company was producing 50 trucks annually for fire departments throughout the Midwest. In 1998, they entered a partnership with Rosenbauer International and became Rosenbauer South Dakota, LLC. Building on these modest roots with a dedication to rock-solid quality, Rosenbauer grew to a company of 270 dedicated employees with 120,000 sq. ft. of production area producing hundreds of units annually. Today, Rosenbauer South Dakota produces a full line of apparatus including pumpers, tankers, rescue vehicles, aerials, and specialty vehicles.


Manufacturing fire trucks has become a thriving business as sales have gone through the roof – especially internationally. As growth in this industry exploded over the past several years, Rosenbauer South Dakota had to make a move to become more efficient and develop their top people in order to stay competitive and keep their customers happy. Rosenbauer South Dakota owners chose Manufacturing Technology Solutions (MTS), a NIST MEP affiliate, and Precision Leadership Group (PLG) as the team to transform their organization.


Precision Leadership Group helped Rosenbauer South Dakota develop their front line leaders and understand the foundational concepts of Leadership. With the assistance of PLG, Rosenbauer South Dakota implemented several productivity tools as well as equipped their leaders with the skills necessary to train, motivate and develop people to a higher level of productivity. The My Tyme Planning System provided a base to help each manager take charge of their personal productivity. Tools like Conference Planners, Communication Plans and Meeting Planners helped managers immediately improve their interactions with each other and with their team members. Goal Planning Systems and Tracking Graphs gave managers an effective way to consistently set and achieve goals, improving productivity almost immediately. The DISC Assessment was an excellent tool to help increase self-awareness within the group. Not only did participants improve their understanding of themselves, but they were also better equipped to communicate with their team members in a much more productive style. During the weekly 2-hour sessions, managers from various departments had a chance to come together and share successes as well as challenges. Case studies were dissected, goals were reviewed and Best Practices were shared. This created a high level of synergy and helped all the departments better understand how they can work together more effectively. This understanding helped minimize the silo effect that is so often detrimental to growing organizations.

  • 50% increase in cycle time
  • Overall increased productivity
  • Improved communication and employee engagement 

"MTS and Precision Leadership Group provided the tools for us to continue to improve our team’s performance.  We enjoy our partnership with MTS and PLG!"  

~Harold & Helen Boer, Owners

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