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Horizontal Machining and Manufacturing Embraces Change

Friday, November 2, 2018

"MTS provided a fresh set of eyes into many issues. Their expertise and their ground-up approach involved all areas, from top management to the employees responsible for production. This gave the employees a great deal of ownership in these projects and a sense of success when the projects were up and operating."

- Matt Moeding, Vice President Operations


Horizontal Machining and Manufacturing Inc. (HMMI) is a fabrication facility with the ability to produce large structural weldments. Centrally located in Huron, South Dakota, the company has 115,000 square feet of combined manufacturing space and state-of-the-art indoor steel storage. It keeps a large selection of raw material on hand to meet customer needs in today's build-to-demand market. HMMI's 65 employees are dedicated to short response time, on-time delivery and product quality.


HMMI needed to expand its manufacturing capacity and improve product flow to meet growing demand for its large structural weldments. It acquired 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space and needed assistance in setting up the workflow to optimize product flow, equipment, employee time, and quality. The company met with Manufacturing and Technology Solutions (MTS), a NIST MEP affiliate, to identify a comprehensive approach to plant layout, material flow, and workforce engagement. HMMI was competing in a tight labor market and needed to ensure employees embraced the transition to the new system.


As part of the comprehensive plan, MTS initiated multiple Value Stream Mapping projects at the plant. The projects integrated plant layout and Quality at the Source (QAS) methodologies, creating a system that could effectively meet the growing and challenging demands of HMMI's customers. Multiple teams of HMMI employees participated in the process, identifying problems and implementing their solutions. "The HMMI teams were great to work with," mentioned an MTS staff member, noting their "commitment to fellow employees, company, and customers." HMMI invested in plant and equipment, retained and increased sales, and realized cost savings.

  • Increased sales by $500,000; retained sales of $7M
  • Investments in plant and equipment of $2M
  • Retained 22 employees
  • Cost savings of $300,000 

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